City2Surf angel!

We’ve just reached 10 people (or ‘angels’ as we like to call them!) in our Fragile X Team which is pretty exciting! We sat down with Maria, one of the team, to ask her a few questions about her run. She’s a star! 

Name: Maria Comino
Suburb: Asquith
Have you run in the City2Surf before? No
What has inspired you to participate in City2Surf? I was challeged to complete a triathlon with a friend earlier this year as it was on her bucket list to do. Surprisingly I did it, and it was fun, and on finishing it, my friend said ‘what’s next? Let’s do the City to Surf’. Her husband, Mike was forming a team to run the City to Surf to raise money and awareness for the Fragile X Association of Australia, so I agreed to join the team.
Why are you running with the Fragile X Association team? I know Josiah Tozer and his family who are affected by Fragile X, and am so happy to be able to support them all, including doing the City to Surf for the first time. I am keen to support the foundation to raise awareness, and help to support others affected by Fragile X.
Are you honouring someone in this year’s run? Yes, Josiah Tozer and his amazing family.
Can you talk us through your fundraising efforts so far for this year’s race. Anything else you have planned? I have shared my details for fundraising on Facebook and instagram, and will continue to send reminders in the weeks to come in the lead up to the race.
What are your goals for the 2017 City2Surf? What challenges have you set yourself? To complete the race, and have fun doing it. I am not a huge running fan (I prefer to swim!), but am keen to take on the challenge and comple it well, even if it is as a gently jog! I watched Mike complete a half marathon (and get into the Guiness Book of Records!), and loved watching all the people completing the race, and was inspired that anyone could have a go- even me! So, if I can do it, hopefully I can encourage others to challenge themselves to complete something that seems impossible to them, but they really are keen to do, too.

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