Katrina running for fragile X in the City2Surf!

Katrina is one of the fragile X team running in the City2Surf this year in support of raising awareness for the Fragile X association. https://city2surf2017.everydayhero.com/au/katrina-city2surf-fragile-x
Name: Katrina Weir

Suburb: Lane Cove West

Have you run in the City2Surf before? Yes
What has inspired you to participate in City2Surf?
 The fast-forward to 2017 version: “I can definitely say I’ve caught the running bug because once one has completed an event such as City2Surf as a runner, it seems imperative to keep re-registering for the same event…simply as a personal challenge to better one’s previous PB!!”
Below is the rewinded version:
The very first time I did it in 2012 was because of a fundraising promotion for my employer – an aged care NGO, and they were recruiting representatives from all their work locations… so I thought “why not? I’ll give it a go!” I was in the ‘Back of the Pack’ then…. with definitely no running aspirations. I had never even considered running as a viable exercise activity for me. That was until 3 years ago – I was inspired hearing the running journey of a long time distant friend who began in her 30’s and within a few years was running marathons which seemed unfathomable to me. After dabbling in little bits & pieces of jogging/running, getting breathless, walking etc etc, I joined a running club in July 2015 on the recommendation of another friend… not at all considering I could call myself a runner, but again “Why not give it a go!”… Since then I haven’t looked back… 7km runs on Saturday mornings soon became highlight of the week (Whilst I do disclose that the cafe time following does aid the motivation of consistently getting up early on a weekend, there is definitely a ‘feel-good’ adrenaline benefit that makes running so catchy!!). 
So in 2016 I registered for a 2nd City2Surf this time as ‘runner’…. and I even surprised myself with actually doing some of the running club’s training runs of the city2surf route. (Being in my mid 40’s, I was totally flabbergasted- “was I having a midlife crisis???” … well if so, it has definitely been a good one!!). In the outcome I ran the course (well chunks of it- albeit the heartbreak hill of course!) in just under 2hours. Fast-forward to 201’7 I can definitely say I’ve caught the running bug because once one has completed an event as a runner, it seems imperative to keep re-registering for the same event… simply as a personal challenge to better one’s previous PB!!”

Why are you running with the Fragile X Association team?

I want to show my support for wonderful long time friends of mine Helen & Mike Tozer, who have a son who has the fragile X syndrome. With my background of midwifery I was a support person for Helen & Mike at the time of Josiah’s birth in 2011 in Hong Kong (at the time we were all full time volunteers, working together with another charity based in HK). Thus I have known Josiah since Day 1 and would love to support this family as they continue to raise him to achieve his fullest potential.
Are you honouring someone in this year’s run?
Can you talk us through your fundraising efforts so far for this year’s race. Anything else you have planned?

I’ve sent an email to some friends and I do plan to pass on the info to some of my Saturday am running club companions.  
What are your goals for the 2017 City2Surf

Run the course in less than 1hr & 50mins. 
What challenges have you set yourself?

I’ll do a post or 2 on facebook this week… especially as a way of linking this fundraiser to those in the running club I’m also part of. I’m not much of a ‘facebooker’ so I consider this a challenge enough for this week!!
Longer term running challenge: do 12-14km runs on at-least a monthly basis between now and August 2018.  

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