Fragile X Awareness Day

Very excited to be playing a part in raising awareness about fragile X syndrome this weekend with fragile X awareness day. 
I was involved in recording a series of videos for doctors and the one featuring me has just gone live. Seeing it brings back all the memories of the recording!

It took a few takes as the first one I did off the cuff with just a few notes in front of me. But I made one mistake and had to re-record. Then I struggled to re-create all that went well for the first take as well as correct the mistake! I got there in the end. 
I hope this will help along with all else that is happening for Fragile X this weekend – events, buildings lighting up, social media posts – to share this important condition with a lot more people. 
If you’d like to take some action after hearing of fragile X then please head over to my City2Surf fundraising page. I need to raise $100 each day between now and August 13th to hit my goal of $3000.  
Link here:

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