2020 – Keep Calm and Run Happy


I’ve been having a look at my 2020-21 running goals. It certainly has been a challenging year for racing. Of course, there are way bigger challenges for so many around the world.

Normally, I race 1 or 2 times a month. So far this year I haven’t raced since the Sun Run on February 1st. It has given me a deeper appreciation of the importance of enjoying training.

I’ve reconnected with Brooks’ Run Happy mantra. I’ve realised that even though I love racing, what I really love is running fast and connecting with other runners.

During Covid, I’ve had to find new ways to do that outside of racing. I’ve continued my speed sessions on m own, and enjoyed keeping up with other runners on Strava.

I was scheduled to run the London marathon in April. This was to be my first marathon outside of Australia, and I am still hopeful that they race will go ahead on the rescheduled date on October 4th.

I’ve been closely following the London marathon website and announcements. This past weekend, Hugh Brasher, the race director, said they are working hard to try and make the race happen. It will require ingenuity and new ways of socially distanced racing.

The other factor, even if the race goes ahead, is whether I can get to London. Australia looks unlikely to lift international travel. My backup plan, if I can’t get to London, is to run the Sydney Blackmores marathon in late September. With Australia doing such a good job of flattening the curve, this looks likely to go ahead. 

Other races I have planned, depending on restrictions are:

  • September Manly fun run ( aiming for a 4th win in a row!)
  • City to Surf – reschedule for October 18th
  • Carcoar Cup – 8th Nov
  • Central Coast half marathon


  • Sun Run
  • Port Macquarie Half Marathon
  • 2021 London marathon in April 

How are you approaching future goals at this time?

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