When training is hard

FullSizeRender.jpgSome days training is just tough. It’s hard to get going, hard to keep at it and hard to just get it done. Today was one of those days.

I had to motivate myself to get going by committing to post my workout online. So here it is. 4 sets of 2km at 6:46/2km. Rather than the  goal of 6:46 per set I was about 10-20 seconds off the pace. 6:55, 7:07, 7:00 and 6:57 were my 2km splits.

I blame the gap on a general feeling of fatigue I’ve been experiencing since my first marathon in September, a more short term fatigue following an eight year old’s birthday party yesterday(!) and a pair of hills in my 2km road circuit. In fact, it’s amazing I was only a few seconds slow!

fullsizerender_1To do the run I wanted a new route and I found a really nice fairly flat (apart from those 2 hills) 2km loop around Mt Colah. Some beautiful purple flowers were blossoming on many of the trees which also provided some shade from the hot sun.

Here’s the Strava route:



On my second lap I passed a guy walking with an ankle in a cast and instantly felt grateful that I could run despite how tough training felt today.

This was the first fast workout I’ve done in my new Brooks Asteria racing shoes. Felt nice and light, very similar to the ST racer. Will do a proper review later after I’ve done a few more runs in them.

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